Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 7

Can I say I am having way too much fun with my commentary? Hope y'all are enjoying my random thoughts as much as all the stories & pictures! Today we have a cool holiday memory from Heather of HD Creations ... or it could be a warm memory, I'll let you decide, first take a look at Heather's picture.

Wait ... is that a cruise ship? Read on!

"Well I hope that you are all enjoying the daily downloads. I wanted to share with you today about my favorite Christmas Memory. When I was in college my parents took the whole family on a cruise for Christmas. At first it was kind of weird. No big tree, no Christmas morning traditions. But my mom made it fun. Me and my brothers shared a cabin and on Christmas morning my mom had put little Christmas Tree's in our cabin, with lights and all. But they were only 1 foot tall. They were so cute. Then early that morning we left the ship and went kayaking. It was a blast!! I learned really fast that I am no good at it. But it for sure is a Christmas that I have never forgotten. Who does not love sitting on the beach in Mexico when it is snowing at home?? We all had a blast and enjoyed our Christmas Cruise. At the time I was engaged and left my fiance at home.Of course I missed him a ton, but it was fun to spend one last Christmas with just my immediate family. We for sure made some memories I will never forget!!"

Why do so many people get to go to warmer climates while I'm stuck in the Midwest? So not fair! But I can see the appeal of doing something different for the holidays, tradition is nice but it's also nice to shake things up. Heather's contribution is a cute mini kit; just click on the preview to go to the store for the download. Not sure how I feel about swans, I've heard they can be pretty aggressive if they don't like you; think I'll watch swans-a-swimming from the safety of a nice bridge!

** This freebie has expired but you can still pick it up in the store for just $2.49! **


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Thank you very much for sharing your warm memory and this lovely kit!!

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