Friday, December 2, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 3

Are you enjoying the holiday memories so far? I've read 'em all & it's so much fun to hear about how other families celebrate the holidays, you're going to love reading all the stories & seeing the pictures! Today we have our wonderful boss-lady, Nicole of Digi-designs by Nicole & a picture of her adorable kiddos.

Here's Nicole holiday memory, wish mine were like this!

"Starting in 2007 we decided Santa would help pay for our annual Christmas vacation to Disneyland instead of giving the kids lots of gifts. We decided we would start doing this because the kids would play with their new toys for only so long before they stopped playing with them, or before they broke, and a trip to Disneyland and the memories made would be so much more enjoyable, and so far, it has been. Now don't get us wrong, Santa still loves to give the kids a present, but it's usually 1 large or 2 smaller sized gifts only, and the kids still make out like little bandits at Christmas time because our entire family lives here in Utah, so Christmas is a pretty big event for us even with us going to Disneyland. My husband parents live 20 minutes away, and the rest of my family, including grandparents, live in the same city as we do. Because we have so much family, we usually celebrate Christmas the Sunday before with my husband parents, and then on Christmas day, my mom, dad, step dad, sister, grandma and uncles from my moms side come to our house for breakfast and to watch the kids open their present, then we head to my sisters to watch her kids open presents, and then later in the afternoon, we make a trip up to my grandma on my dads side to celebrate with that entire family, which is huge! Believe it or not, one year the older kids decided they wanted bedroom furniture instead of a trip to Disneyland, so we did do that, but this year, it's Disneyland again!"

How awesome is it that Nicole's family lives so close? I wish my family all lived in town & not just for the free babysitting either, heehee. Nicole's made a cute little mini kit, click on the preview to go to the store & download. Did you know that French Hens make good pets? Just saying!

** This freebie has expired but you can still pick it up in the store for just $1.99! **