Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 15

Getting closer & closer to the big day, my kiddos are doing lots of fun holiday stuff in school & I'm loving all the cute crafts they are coming home with! This is really a time of the year to celebrate family no matter who you are & Tracy of Growing Pains Scrapped knows all about how to celebrate. First, here's a picture of her adorable kids at Christmas 2010.

Loving that deer in headlights look! And the memory Tracy has to share with us is very special, it's from her family's 2009 Christmas letter & the special announcement they had to make.

"Dear Family and Friends,

This year for Christmas, we have decided to tell you a story. This story is about Christmas, family, love, miracles, surprise and joy! (All things “Christmas”…right?) So, pull up a chair, make yourselves comfortable and read on…

T’was 3 weeks before Christmas, and all through the house, everyone was stirring and bustling and planning…except of course for the mouse. You see, we have not a mouse in this house! Mama had been busy online…doing her shopping the smart way this year and avoiding the crowds! Sister and Brother were making lists, and remaking lists, and adding to lists, and trying SO hard to be good so that Santa would grant them their hearts desires! And Papa, well Papa, was doing his “thing”…going to work, making threats to call Santa and eating all of the goodies that our neighbors were bringing our way!

Well amid all this planning and eating and shopping, Mama got a feeling that something was “missing”. Something just wasn’t quite right! What could it be? Well, Mama being Mama, she thought and she thought, but she just couldn't figure it out. So, she did what comes naturally to her – she did some math! Some math, you say? Is Mama insane?

Well, Mama did some math (just the basic kind - counting…backwards and forwards). Hmmm”, thought Mama. “I’m not quite sure, but I think this absolutely, positively calls for a test”. A test, you say, now Mama really is insane! She’s too old for tests!

So, Mama put her feelings and her math to the test. “Hmmm…double hmmmm”! Mama was just a bit confused (I know, I know, Mama’s aren’t supposed to get confused)! “I think I will have someone else help me with this test”, she said! So, she did! Two more times, in fact! Could this absolutely, positively give mama her answer???

Meanwhile, the children are nestled all snug in their beds. Nothing seems to be missing to them, you see. But, why would it? They’re dreaming of sugar plums, and skateboards and desks! And still trying their darndest to be good!

Well, our story is nearing its end, and I’m sure you’re wondering, “did Mama ever figure out what was “missing”…or is Mama just crazy.” No, Mama’s not crazy! We promised you a story about Christmas and family, love, joy and surprise. So, without further delay, we’ll finish our tale…you see, Mama was right…something was missing! In this season of hustling and bustling and buying and giving, mama is sick, mama is tired, mama is ornery…mama is…well…mama is absolutely, positively pregnant!!!! See…we promised you joy and surprise and I’m sure that you can’t be anymore surprised, shocked or happy than we are! After all these years, another miracle has been sent to our family!

Such a wonderful Christmas present to find out you are pregnant, thank you for sharing that wonderful letter Tracy! Here's your freebie from Tracy, click on the preview to head to her store to download the mini kit. I heard Here We Come A-wassailing on the radio yesterday & had to look up what wassailing was. It's similar to going caroling but did you also know that some people do Orchard Visiting wassailing where they sing to apple trees to promote a good harvest for the coming year? Amazing what you can find out via the interwebz!

** This freebie has expired but you can still pick it up in the store for just $1.99**