Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 14

We're over half-way through the Countdown to Christmas freebies, I hope everyone's been enjoying the goodies & hysterical adorable pictures of our designers. Seriously, we all know we have pictures just as crazy lying around, I know I do! Let's take a peek at what Michele of MDK Scraps has for us today, a super cute picture of her & her brother from Christmas 1991.

Michelle has a really fun memory to share with us today.

"Many Christmases have been spent traveling to either my Grandparents' farm or my other Grandparents' lake cabin. I have several memories of driving on snowy, icy roads, including one when I was younger where our car broke down in the middle of nowhere. I love the many memories of eating, playing card games, and having a great time. One of my favorite memories was when I was maybe 10 years old. There was a huge present under the tree and our parents told my brother and I that it was a gift for my mom. I know my brother and I had many ideas of what could be in the box. One idea that I remember is that it was a huge griddle, since ours had recently broken. We thought mom could make some huge pancakes. When Christmas came our parents told us that the huge gift was actually for the two of us, turns out it was one of those 6-in-1 game tables. My brother and I played countless games of miniature pool and air hockey on that thing.

My husband and I usually don't exchange much for Christmas but this year I told him I really *really* want a DSLR Camera. In the beginning of October he told me to go buy one so I did! I told my girls that Santa came early for me this year because I was so good!"

Now I have to say it would be tossup this year if I had to choose between a new camera & a game table, can you imagine how much fun those tables are? Thanks for the memory Michele! Here's
today's freebie; just click on the preview to head to the store for the download. Do you think that you'll have some visions of sugar plums in your dreams tonight?

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