Friday, April 1, 2011

Bundle of Joy, a guessing game, and a FREEBIE

Alright here I am today with a new release. Bundle of Joy came about because of this new little one we are about to have be a part of our family. I couldn't just do a boy or a girl because, like I am sure some of you know, we have no idea what we are having. Here is a look at it.


Check out what my CT did with it, their layouts are amazing!! Thanks girls for all the hard work!!!

And for your scrappers that love quickpages here are some to match the kit.

And about this guessing game I mentioned in the title....well I want you all to guess when I am having my baby and what it is going to be. Leave a comment on my blog with your guess. I won't make you guess on the size, that would be too hard. What I can tell you is that my actual due date is April 18th and I already have a boy and a girl. So go ahead, make your best prediction. What are we having and when is it finally going to make its appearance. The winner or the closest too it will receive my new kit.

Also I have a freebie for you today. Here is a freebie quickpage, one for a boy and one for a girl. Click here to get it.

Pick up the kit and the quickpages for $2.50 each until next Friday. Hurry on over while they are on sale!!!
Happy Scrapping!!

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teresaj said...

I say April 15th and it's a girl.