Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunrise, Sunset by Knittinjen - and a freebie!

Anytime I hear people talking nostalgically about how fast their children are growing up, how time is flying, I begin to sing this song - yes, out loud and proudly, with all the heart and none of the talent of Topol singing in Fiddler on the Roof! There is NO OTHER SONG that so perfectly captures the feeling of how swiftly time goes by. This reminds me to take notice of every precious moment along the way! And what better way to truly honor the moments than by scrapping them? So, if you did not have the chance to pick this up as a free kit when I was in the final stages of the recent designer contest, pick it up now at Stuff to Scrap! And, if you did pick this up as a freebie, you are missing the cardstock papers, so you can go pick them up, too, for just $1.99. (Note: If you buy the full kit, do not also get cardstocks, they are included FREE in the full kit).

Click on the previews to head to the store to pick up the kit, then be sure to check out my CT's layouts, and find a freebie down at the end (from Kendra - who is REALLY talented at making these adorable frames!)

Now some inspiration from my CT - beginning with one by Lauren

And here are a couple by Julie - a perfect set!

Here are a couple by Tammy

Here's two by Paula!

Here are 2 I made! Wasn't I a cute little baby!?

Finally, 3 by Kendra, and a freebie from her as well.

And did you just love the frame from that last one? Great - pick it up here for free! (click preview)

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