Friday, October 22, 2010

Katie's Dance by Knittinjen!

We've seen adorable kits for Luke and Chawndell, and now we have one for Paula's daughter, Katie! Katie LOVES to dance! And, when I first asked about it, she loved the color purple! I hear that she is now into red - but she still likes purple okay - and she wears glasses, so this kit full of adorable little dancers, including a couple who also wear glasses, is absolutely perfect for little Katie. You can pick it up at my Stuff to Scrap store by clicking on any of the previews. And of course, the cardstock is included free with the purchase of the kit, or available separately.

Okay, okay, I can't wait to show you Katie!! I'll put her here, this is Paula's layout using Katie's Dance, of adorable little Katie!! Then the previews, after Katie. (see, all that red!)

And here they are, dancing across the page and into your heart!!

Here are the papers.

And the elements - 26 of them (and I call this a MINI!?)

And the cardstock papers.

And now, some layouts from my fabulous creative team! First up, Noelle, who did two of Chawndell (hmmm, also blond with glasses...)

And now one from Kendra.

Here's one from Julie - using the frame that I love so much! Doesn't she look like the freest of spirits!?

Another super fun one from Tammy.

And a lovely monochrome layout from Lauren!

So head on over to Stuff to Scrap, and get this little kit for the dancer in YOUR life!

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