Monday, June 14, 2010

Photo Delight by This Little Missy

Good evening ladies (and men) I just got the kids to bed and I want to show you a great kit called Photo Delight by This Little Missy. My bestie Kel is on her CT so I'm sure you've already seen what awesome things she did with the kit.
I love it. The camera elements are awesome! The alpha is great but since I didn't use either of those in my layouts :) I'm going to switch gears to the colors. The best way to describe them is funky neutral....if that makes sense. Here's what I did with it:
Also check out the previews and and head on over to her store at STS to pick up the kit here. I'm going to try and link the previews too but I'm not to great at getting the photo links to work just yet :)

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