Friday, October 9, 2009

Beary Baby by C.W. Piket & Company

What a full week! Being a mom of a toddler and moving is pretty tough. I hope next time I'm moving she will be old enough to help... :) I'll be moving on sunday, so between boxes and my little Laura I just have time to sleep. :)
But, I spent some freetime (when I run out of tape), working on two pages using Bear-y Baby by CW Piket and Company.
Click on the preview to go to her store.

This kit is very cute, perfect for pictures of baby boys, and since I have a baby girl I had to make it work somehow! For my surprise it was very easy! But I'm very lucky and my cousing just had a beautiful baby boy, so now I have a baby boy to scrap!!!
Here the pages I came up with.

Have an awesome day!


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