Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 24

Almost there! You are going to love what Becky of B2N2 Scraps has to share with us today so let's take a look at her picture.

What an adorable Nativity set but wait until you read what Becky has to say about it!

"One of my favorite things to do around Christmastime is to set up nativity scenes. Ever since I can remember setting up the nativity scene was a very important part of decorating the house for Christmas. We would place my parent’s scene on the mantle surrounded my freshly cut pine boughs. As a Sunday School attendance prize one year (when I was maybe 5), I selected my own nativity scene and ever since then I’ve been collecting them. My collection started small and could fit on the buffet in my parent’s living room. Gradually my collection started to get bigger and bigger and I needed more and more space in my parents house to display my scenes. There came a point where I couldn’t get them all out every year and I had to pick and chose the ones I wanted to see.

After growing up, getting married and moving out of my parents house, I started to look for venues to display my nativity scenes so that more people besides my family could look at them. I’ve displayed them at my grandmother in law’s retirement home, my grandparent’s nursing home, and at my mom’s church. I did have an open house at my house one year and invited all my family and friends to come see them spread throughout my house. It’s a lot of work to haul them to a location, unpack them all from their boxes and tissue paper and then rewrap them all at the end of the day. But it’s worth it when I see the enjoyment on people’s faces. Everyone has so many questions about the scenes and loves to talk to me about them! It makes me feel so good that I gave someone a little bit of joy.

My collection has grown to be over 200 nativity scenes from all around the world. I have scenes from 6 continents. Family members and friends have brought them back from vacations, the farthest traveled was with my sister who purchased one in Australia for me. Family members have scoured the internet for unique ones to add to my collection. I have purchased very few of them myself! Some of the scenes are handmade by people I know and are one of a kind. Some are as small as a penny and my largest is the one in my front yard that my husband hand drew and cut out of plywood for me last year and surprised me by having it in the front yard when we came back from our Thanksgiving trip. I have a database to keep track of the country of origin, the year I received it and the giver of the scene plus a short description. But I normally don’t need the list to tell me who gave me what scene or the story behind it (I do mix up my countries though). Each and every scene is special to me and I can’t pick a favorite. I have a favorite because of it’s meaning, a favorite because of its uniqueness, and so on.

For the past 3 years, I haven’t been able to display my scenes (being pregnant with twins and then having young twins!) and I miss seeing them. This year I decided on my first day of winter break and being home with my children again that I would get some of them out and show them to my kids. I want them to see my collection and to appreciate them as much as I do. I want them to know the true meaning of Christmas. I lovingly unwrapped 23 scenes (out 200+) and showed them the figures, allowing them to touch and hold the ones that are not fragile. Then I placed them high on my bookshelves so they can’t reach them! I hope next year to display my collection at a venue where more people can appreciate them and where I can get all of them out at one time.

I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas!"

Wow, 200+ Nativity scenes? That is amazing & I can see why Becky is so protective of them but I know her little ones will love them as they grow older. Thank you for the wonderful memory Becky! Here's Becky's freebie, a hanging alpha for all your layouts; click on the preview to go to the store & enjoy. I think we're going to spend the day hanging with family & eating ... what could be better?

** This freebie has expired but you can still pick it up in the store for just $1.99**


Henriett said...

Wow, so many Nativity scenes! Thank you for the alpha! Merry Christmas to all of you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much!

Merry Christmas!

liz said...

cute! what happened to day 23 though?

Monkey Toes Too said...

Cute nativity scene. Thank you for the alphabet.

knittinjen said...

Ooh, awesome Becky! Only one continent to go? (ahahaah just kidding) Cute alpha, thanks for sharing, and for sharing your fun story. Did you ever get an article in the paper or something? You totally should!

benelol said...

Thank you very much :)