Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Build A Kits


What a great color palette and theme there was this month, the STS Designers had so much fun creating with it that you’ve got a wonderful choice of packs to choose from with gardening and farming themes. I hope you enjoy these as much as we did making them. Just click on the flyer above to head over to the store and shop!!! Don’t forget to use the coupon code: JULYBAK_BUY3_SAVEHALF to save half when you buy 3 or more packs.

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DSF_FG_preview-2 GSWB_DownOnTheFarm_EmbellishmentPreview GSWB_DownOnTheFarm_Papers JMCD_JulyBAK_LilGardinerWeb LC_FamilyGarden_AlphaPreview-1 LC_FamilyGarden_ElementPreview LC_FamilyGarden_PaperPreview m2m_julybak_preview mdk mdk2 MMTS MMTS_GD_PreviewCardstock MMTS_GD_PreviewFarmingPapers MMTS_GD_PreviewFlower MMTS_GD_PreviewFramingElements MMTS_GD_PreviewPaper MMTS_GD_PreviewVeggie QBS_JulyBAK_ATF_elements_PV QBS_JulyBAK_ATF_PaperPV Rainamoon Rainamoon2 RAinamoon3 SAHM_JulyBAK_elementpreview SAHM_JulyBAK_paperpreview SBA SBA2 SBA3 SBA4 SBA5 Scrappy Kat qps Seal Scraps Shel snowlady snowlady2 snowlady3 SNP SNP2 SNP3 SNP4 SNP5 tsk_julybak_tornpaperprevie tsk_tillintime_elementprevi tsk_tilltime_paperpreview tsk_tractortime_preview DSF_FG_BBpreview DSF_FG_PaperPreview

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