Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Build A Kits

All the designer’s have had a blast with the colorful palette and Slumber Party/Sleepover theme this month. There are boy themed kits, Girl themed kits, and some that are a mix for both. You’ll be able to scrap all those slumber moments with all these kits. Just click on the flyer to head to the June BAK’s in the store.

JuneBAKflyer And don’t forget if you use coupon code: JUNEBAK_BUY3_SAVEHALF you’ll get them at a great deal!!!

3LM_WMEC_preview-copy AC_SOT_Full_prev

Amy Dane 2 Amy Dane


DBC_SO_preview JMCD_JuneBAK_2F2SPreviewWeb

DSF_SB_Preview DSF_SB_PreviewPaper

LC_LandGN_ElementPreview LC_LandGN_PaperPreview-1

mdkscrapps1 mdkscraps2

mdkscraps3 MC_slumberwa_preview

MMTS_GirlsNight_ElementPreview MMtS_GirlsNight_Paperpreview

MMtS_GirlsNight_PlainPaperpreview MMtS_JuneBAK_DottyPaperPreview

MMtS_JuneBAK_GlittersPreview MMtS_GirlsNight_QPPreview

RS_PFG_Preview RS_PFB_Preview

RS_PF_CardPreview Moo2mom

SAHM_junebak_epreview SAHM_junebak_preview

scrapsnpiecesscrapsnpieces4 scrapsnpieces2 scrapsnpieces3

SnowladySnowlady2 tsk_bn_elementpreview-1 tsk_bn_paperpreview-1


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