Monday, May 23, 2011

STS Birthday Celebration- 3 Lil Monsers Designs

Hey everyone! Amy here, designer of 3 Li'l Monsters Designs! We have been having such a great time at the birthday celebration this month! I actually got most of the birthday challenges done! The "Fairy Tales" kit that will be given away as a participation prize is AWESOME! I can't wait to play with it!

Ok my punchbowl question is....... drumroll, please! ...........

What famous person shares your birthday?

I was surfing around a few days ago thinking about birthdays, because they are very fresh on my mind this month. Not only is this Stuff to Scrap's birthday, but we have two birthdays in my family in the first couple of weeks of May! And I came across this website. They have listed out almost every famous person ever on this list of birthdays!

So my birthday is July 23, and guess who shares my birthday?

Daniel Radcliffe, the actor who plays Harry Potter (and a whole lot of other people, but he was my favorite)! Wow that was cool! The kid had the good sense to be born on my birthday! LOL! He is a tad bit younger than me (I'm not telling how much!), so I can say he was born on my birthday, not the other way around!

Pretty cool right!? So go over and check out your birthday, and post back here who you share your birthday with! It will be fun to see who all we get listed!

So now for what everyone has been waiting for..... another drumroll, please!!!!............

For the Birthday Present Giveaway, day 23!

I was thinking I was supposed to be hosting June's hybrid challenge in the forum, so I put together this cute little hybrid project, thinking it would be good for people to make for dads for Father's Day. When I went to get ready and put my challenge together, I realized I don't host Hybrid Challenge until July! LOL. So my mistake is your gain!

This cute little project will be perfect for Father's Day, and it's easy enough for kids to make too, with a little help! I am going to use it as a craft in my Children's Church for Father's Day! So without further ado, I give you the gift!

Click on the image to get the freebie!
I would love to see your project, when you finish it!! So take a picture and post it at STS, and then come back and post a link in the comments section! And I will make sure and come over and check it out!

While you are there in the store, getting the freebie, check out the rest of my designs. My ENTIRE STORE is on sale for 40% off for the rest of the month!! 

And if you would like to keep up with other designs I am creating, go over to my blog and become a facebook fan! And when you do, make sure you download the fan exclusive freebie at Facebook too! Thanks so much for making me feel so welcome and loved as a designer! You guys are awesome! So now go get scrapping stuff and making memories!!


Monkey Toes Too said...

Peter Tork (the Monkees) was born on my day. In fact he was born twice according to this list 1942 and again in 1944. Thank heavens though I'm a few decades younger than him. I loved the Monkees when I was a kid. Peter wasn't my favorite though. Thanks for today's goody.

katsky said...

Thanks for the share. I like it much!