Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pretty things to share…

So,DanaJ here and I’m not really sure WHY? I put everything off until the last minute.  Every month I tell myself that I’m going to get my posts done sooner, but do I?  Nope.  I always get the last few things done and make my blog post on the last day of the month.  I’ve always worked well under pressure, but c’mon, I gotta get it together…lol!  Anyway, I want to sneak this in before all the blog train posts take over STS designer and member blogs on the first, so let’s get to it:

My first kit is Natalie’s Flowers, by B2N2 Scraps.  Love the green/purple color combo, especially with the crisp white and pop of pale blue!


I took the opportunity to use a set of Becky’s templates (Templates In The Center) at the same time and combined two of the same template on a 24 inch wide canvas to create a double page layout. 


I love having two pages next to each other that coordinate so well.  You’ll notice when you get to the layouts that there isn’t any journaling, but I wanted to make a set of pages for each of my girls to have printed and then journal on by hand.  That is one of the very few things that I miss about traditional scrapping, so I try to add some of my own handwriting every now and then.  So, check out the pages I did:


050811_B2N2Snf&titc1_KARLEE2pg copy (600 x 300)


050811_B2N2Snf&titc1_KARLEEleft (600 x 600)


050811_B2N2Snf&titc1_KARLEEright (600 x 600)

Next, I want to show you Color My World by Scraps by Andrea.  This is a perfect kit for boys or girls alike and could be used for a million different themes!


I decided to try this kit out for some pictures my mom took of my nephew around Easter.  I like how the bright colors look so much better than traditional pastel colors would have.  I used elements and papers from the regular kit, as well as from all the different addons you can get with this kit.  Stock up all at once with the bundle Andrea offers and you won’t be sorry!

042311_SBAcmw_MSCtemppk11_3_Landon1steaster (600 x 600)

I also used the kit to scrap an actual “child artist” type layout here:020311_SBAcmw_Khloedrawing (600 x 600)

P.S.  If you wonder how to get your journaling lined up perfectly on ruled paper or something similar like I did, try typing the text with extra spacing between the lines and then using the lasso tool on the simplified layer, one or two lines at a time.  Takes a minute to get everything just right, but looks sooo good!

Okay, if you’re still with me, just one last thing to share with you tonight and it’s a great big, giant STS Monthly Mega Collab

STS_Serendipity_Full Preview

I used the May collab, Serendipity, to create my BINGO card for one of the special Birthday events earlier in the month and loved how it turned out.  I added more “stuff” than I normally would have, but I like it a bunch anyway:

DanaBINGO (600 x 600)

I also used it to scrap some pictures from Mother’s Day for May’s Font Challenge.  For some reason I just felt the need to use a ton of the fabulous patterned papers in this kit…I went a little more crazy on both the layouts I did than I usually do, but I guess I just couldn’t narrow down my favorite papers since there are SO many!  But, even though these layouts might be a little out of the norm for me, I love the way they turned out!

050811_ADDbdaytempsSTSmegaSerendipity_MothersDay2011 (600 x 600)

If you’re still here and reading, thanks for you patience and I hope you take a minute to check out these kits and more that all the designers over in the STS store have to offer!  Maybe for June I really WILL get my posts done a little sooner…school is out, Relay for Life is almost here and gone, so here’s hoping… ;)

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