Tuesday, May 31, 2011

As Wonderful as She and Family Traditions…

I had the awesome opportunity this month to work with two great kits from STS Designers. And because my mom has been really fantastic with wedding planning, and her own wedding, and a billion other things, I wanted to do some layouts with her on the page! I realized after I started with this ambition though that it was a little difficult, because I don’t have nearly as many photos of her as I would like. You see, she’s the kind of person that is involved with everything, she loves to host parties/dinners, she works tons, and she cares about her family. I’ve noticed that she happens to be at nearly every event that’s photo-worthy, and almost none of my photos are of her. So mom, be warned. I plan to take your photo more often!

Anyways, the first kit I want to show you is, “As Wonderful as She” from Meagan’s Creations. It’s primarily directed at mom’s and mother’s day, but nothing says it has to be that way! She gives you tons of beautiful elements that would work for families, valentines, everyday photos, and even garden photos (lots of flowers!), so it’s a really versatile kit. Have a look….


I LOVE those papers! They have such a great variety of styles and colors and patterns to fit whatever may suit your mom, or anyone else you’re scrapping! Take a peek at what I’ve done…

Call you Mom Smallgift small

Okay, so she’s a bit goofy, but she’s my momma! I loved that As Wonderful as She has not only super great clustering elements, but also some “vellum” word art pieces! They are so great for journaling, titling, and even layering.

The next kit I have for you is Family Traditions from Digital Harmony Design Studio. The kit is super beautiful, and the colors are more earthy, but they are combined with a a really soft pink, so it’s an easy kit for valentines, family photos, and some everyday scenes! Take a look…..


The blues and greens are subtle, but there is an awesome, almost vintage, vibe to this kit! I started to run out of photos of my mom, but I definitely didn’t run out of things to say about her! She is a great chef, and has taught me nearly all of what I know. It was easy to give her the credit for my first pie!

pie smallThree Women Small

So head over to the shop at Stuff to Scrap to pick up As Wonderful as She from Meagan’s Creations, and Family Traditions from Digital Harmony Design Studio!

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