Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{A Little Bird Told Me} by Scrapteam2008

DanaJ back to share some more cute stuff with you--here’s another kit I got to use as a Stuff To Scrap CT assignment…A Little Bird Told Me by Scrapteam2008, and this kit is so adorable! 

Click on the image to go directly to the kit in the STS store:st_albtm_pv

I had a lot of fun mixing the flower and string elements with buttons and the little ballerinas to create the long cluster on the right half of the two-page layout.  The pictures are from a couple years ago and I just love the sequence of them together…so funny, lol!  050808_ST08albtm_KHLOEtantrum2PG (600 x 300)050808_ST08albtm_KHLOEtantrumLEFT (600 x 600)050808_ST08albtm_KHLOEtantrumRIGHT (600 x 600)

Did you see the little ballerinas?  So cute and unique.  Can’t wait to see what kits I get to play with for next month!  Thanks for stopping by today, happy scrapping!

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