Tuesday, February 8, 2011

NEW - Takedown kit from Scraps N Pieces in another color scheme!

Since the high school I went to was super big on wrestling, and since my sister Heidi is living there now and has a son wrestling there,  we did another version of our Takedown Wrestling kit in red.  Since you are super lucky, you can pick up this brand new kit and it’s coordinating QP pack for $2 each.  Then the red Takedown kit will go to our new release price of $2.50 for the rest of the week like normal.  Here is a look at the new kit and QP pack   Images are all linked to the store.

Here are a few layouts to inspire you from Heidi and our CT
Amy’s layouts

Brooke’s layout
Heidi’s layouts – in case you are wondering where that awesome Delta Rabbit came from, Heidi made it.  Yes, we were the rabbits, but not some fluffy cottontail, we were big, tough, mean jackrabbits.

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