Thursday, January 13, 2011

Speed Scrap Tonight-New Scrappers Encouraged!

Just a reminder that tonight is my speed scrap. This will be an easy newbie Speed Scrap so it is a great place for you to ask lots of questions on how things work. I have tried to keep the steps simple. The skills you will need will include how to duplicate and resize items and how to layer one thing behind another.

In case you are wondering how speed scraps work...

Starting at the top of the hour, I will post your first instruction, followed by 1 more instruction every ten minutes through the hour. The instructions will be posted in the forum and in the chat room. If for some reason you aren't getting the instructions in the chat room or you need to review the steps, come check the forum. The instructions will all be added to the original post in this thread so hit refresh if you are using the forums to get the latest instructions.

At the top of the second hour. I will post the last instruction and then you'll have 1 additional hour to finish and post your LOs.

The instructions/steps are all pretty self-explanatory, but also remember that you can interpret them creatively.

Stuff to Scrap products are not required, but of course, we love it when you use them!!

Prizes are only awarded if you post your layout in the forum and gallery before the time is up.

You will receive your prize via your Stuff to Scrap private message box. This is the prize participants will receive tomorrow morning:

I hope to see you tonight! The instructions will start to be posted at 7:00 MST, 9:00 EST and yes you can join us late if you are putting the kids to bed or getting dinner on the table. Just find check in with this thread in the forum to figure out where we are.

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