Friday, November 12, 2010

Yum, yum….

Hey all! Kelsey here, just popping in to let you guys know about “Fruits and Vegetables” from The Scrappy Kat! This kit is perfect for food fights, cooking, baby feedings, and harvest pictures that you might have stored away… The colors are super bright and fun, so they’re a really good compliment to more neutral or darker photos, but they look awesome with colorful photos too! Have a look-see! tsk_fv_storepreviewtsk_fv_paperpreview She went all out on those papers! The patterns are so much fun… this kit would also be really good for a kids book about the fruits and veggies, and meal time in general! I loved using this for photos from the market in Spain, because it was so different than home, and a really random photo I have from the supermarket here in town, but the quote from a friend was so priceless, it was worth scrapping. Here’s what I came up with!mercaderia small veggie small

So head on over to the store and pick it up if you haven’t yet, and get to those foodie photos you have hiding out!

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