Tuesday, November 16, 2010

All Scrapalicious Cereal Kits Created This Fall in the $2.00 Tuesday Bin

I was having some server issues so I didn't have a chance to post my new kit last week or make you a freebie this week So I decided to make it up to you by putting every single one of the kits I created this fall in the $2.00 Tuesday bin. You can find my sale items here.

And here are all of the kits you will find in the bin...

Autumn Adventures Mega Kit

Bookworm (the Kit) - S4H / S4O

Come On Home Mega Kit - S4H/S4O

Costumed Cuties Mega Kit - S4H/S4O

It's Turkey Time {the kit} - S4H/S4O Friendly

Far, Far Away {the Kit} S4H/S4O Friendly

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