Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallowed End

Hi! I'm Paula, T, (username jptaylorfamily at sts). A few weeks ago I blogged here about the mega kit this month as a collab kit from the Stuff to Scrap designers. Soon after I did that, the store contacted me to let me know that I have been chosen to work on the store’s creative team. CT for the STORE! How cool is that?! I feel honored and overwhelmed. When do I not feel overwhelmed? I’ll get to work with a different designer every month and get to know more of the wonderful gals at STS. And they truly are wonderful.

So, as part of the CT, I got to work with the Hallowed End kit. Here’s a refresher:

STS_Hallowed End_FullPreviewThe kit is gigantic and well worth the only $6.99 that they are asking for it. And if you are more into square quick pages, there are a buttload* of them for $3.99. Lo and behold: my projects. CF_Layton halloween I scrapped the pictures from 2009’s Halloween long ago, and I had nothing that looked good with this kit. I asked the fans over on the CutieFruity Facebook page (go ahead, I’ll wait while you go “like” it) to send me some of their photos. I already showed you the Caziers and the Myers’. Above are the Laytons, and below are the Cunha twins. The fans really came through for me with these pages. I really appreciate all of you letting me borrow your pictures! -CF Cunha kids`CF_mail label

This one here is a mailing label. I am loving the bone frame and that skull. Totally badass. I mailed this one off to my friend in a gift exchange. the box was large, so the label was almost the size of a half sheet of paper. I printed it out on a huge label and just stuck it right on.

I hope you all have your costumes ready! My kids are dressing as a lion, witch, and a wardrobe. Pictures soon!

*Yes, buttload is totally a word. I am sure I didn't make it up, but...yeah. I'm going with it.

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