Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Costumed Cuties

Hi all, Shauna here and I'm going to show you the cutest kit by Scrapalicious Cereal. The kit is Costumed Cuties and it has a free Add-on. This kit celebrates the cuteness of Halloween, there is nothing scary about it. Personally I always loved Halloween growing up, but never liked the scary stuff, so I love this kit. As you can see in the linked preview below it is bright and cheerful and just packed with fun stuff.

My first layout is my niece playing dress up, like most little girls she loved playing with clothes, shoes and hats....and she still does.

My next layout is a former co-worker and dear friend dressed up for Halloween at our office. She looked great, but the costume was very hot!!!!!

Make sure you head over to the store soon to pick up Costumed Cuties because it is only sale for 40% through the 14th of this month (as is all of her kits!!!!). Also she has Costumed Cuties Add-on which is currently FREE.

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