Friday, May 21, 2010

Trying out hybrid…

Hi everyone!  Dana (aka danajscraps) here, and I wanted to share some of the hybrid projects that I've made with some STS designers' kits.  I’m kinda new at it, but figured since I’ve made altered projects on occasion with supplies I already have, that this is going to be easy to switch to.  I hope.  ;)  I find that I can use so many of the papers from digital kits just like 'traditional' scrapbooking supplies, but with more many times have you had a pattern paper that you liked okay, but if the pattern was a little bigger or a little smaller it would be even BETTER???  Being able to print papers and elements from digital kits onto heavyweight white paper (or try a colored sheet if you are feeling like taking a chance!) or cardstock in a different scale or color is SO handy!  Okay, so on to my projects...the first one I did for May was a Covered Composition Notebook…these make great gifts for teachers and other people that need a token of appreciation but you just don’t know what to give them…add a coordinating ink pen and it’s done!  If you’d like directions, check out the STS gallery post by clicking on the photo below:


The second project I tried could be adapted for a TON of different ideas from ‘Job Jars’ to ‘Vacation Savings.’  I used the latter idea for my oldest daughter to start saving for a trip we’ll be taking in the fall.  It keeps her motivated since she can see the results vs. a standard piggy bank.  It’s fun to try to guess how much money she’s collected.  Try this out for your kids if they need a little extra incentive to complete chores or homework.  If you would rather not use money, use marbles or marshmallows and when it’s full to the top they have earned something special.  They may even like to help you design their own jars and you can recycle something from your kitchen at the same time!  Here’s my PB Jar Bank (also linked to the gallery so you can get my directions):


I hope these projects give you ideas for your own creative alterations and be sure to keep an eye out in the upcoming newsletter for a Coaster Brag Book that was made with more digital supplies!

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