Monday, May 17, 2010

Meagan's Creations Designer Introduction

Let's start with the basics:
Name: Meagan
Username at Stuff to Scrap: meagan (original, I know)
Blog Address:
Now that you know which designer we're talking to, let's learn a little more about them and family comes first:Husband: My husband Brian is amazing. We share a love of music, board games and movies. I love that we can always make each other laugh. It's important in life for both of us to have a good humor.Kids: 1.5- I have a 19 month-old daughter and a baby on the way due in November.
Pets: A tortoise named Tony! He's fun, slow but fun.
What do you like doing with your family? We like to play outside when the weather is nice, go out for ice cream, play games or just hang out with friends.

It's an alternate universe and you're computer won't turn on for an entire week, what do you do with yourself?
Catch up on some reading. I haven't read the book club book for a few months, also there are some classics I feel I should read.

Alright, the computer's all better - let's talk digi-scrapping for a few minutes.

When did you start designing and how did you learn? Well, I first started digi-scrapping a year ago and wanted to get in on the designing but all I knew how to so was word art since I had taken a digital art class a few years back. The designer I create layouts for was very encouraging that any of us could design and I started investigating just a few months ago and I am liking it! I also learned how to make templates and decided I really enjoy doing that.

What program/programs do you use to design?
I use Photoshop CS3. My husband had to buy it for school so I'm lucky it was available when I started digi-scrapping :)

Where do you get your inspiration? Oh, here and there. I see color palettes of other designers and think, "That's a great color scheme!". With my wordart, it really comes from everyday living and situations.

How did you pick your digi-scrap name?
Oh it was so hard to think of titles! I settled with Meagan's Creations but am not set on it. Don't be surprised if it changes in the near future. I wanted a title that showed I was striving to put as much of my own personality into what I create.

What’s your favorite kit that you've designed? I really like the Wavylicious template set because I like curves! I feel like they are hard to make so it took a lot of effort to get the waves the way I wanted but I think they came out well.
Alright, this is a hard one, but what's your least favorite?
I guess I would say my Love wordart because my wordart skills are getting there but they can be improved.

Describe yourself in one word:

Share a secret with us, what's something that not everyone knows about you?
I taught 2 years at a juvenile detention center.

If I said you could go anywhere in the world on vacation, where would you go?
Probably Ireland. Would love to see the Emerald Isle and hear the Irish accent all around me.

What is your favorite food?
Shrimp alfredo

Do you collect anything?
No, not really. Not to say I am not a pack rat but I do not have a certain thing I collect all the time. Family members know I love penguins so they often buy me that for the holidays.

What is your favorite TV show?

Right now, Chuck. So cute and funny!

What is your favorite color?
Cerulean Blue- very specific I know. That crayon was always the first to go in my crayon box as a kid.

Alright, thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself and welcome to Stuff to Scrap!

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