Monday, May 10, 2010

Grace by Growing Pains Scrapped

Hello my friends, I have a brand new kit to show you, It's called Grace by Growing Pains Scrapped. But first let me tell you a little something about me...
When I was pregnant and found out that I was having a little baby girl I swore that I would never use any kind of pink for her, I used to say the color pink trigger my migranes. That's how much I don't like pink!!!
Let me tell you a lot of things changed even before she was born... her room was antique pink and green, her first outfit was pink, her stroler and bouncer was pink, most of her dresses, shoes, socks, hair clips were all pink.
So now I got sick of pink again and her room is brown and... PINK! LOL
Now, take a look at this gorgeous kit and you will know why I told you this little story.

Here's what I made for your inspiration.
This page I made for the Template Challenge.
Have a wonderful day!

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