Friday, January 22, 2010

The Results are in...

In December we sent out a survey to all forum members asking for feedback about STS. We got a lot of responses and I am going to share/reply to as many as I can here.

Challenges: By a long shot your favorite challenge is the Template challenge followed by the Forum Blog Train! Your least favorite challenges are the Desktop Challenge, More than Words and Song Lyric challenges. At this point, we have no plans to remove any challenges – but it is something to consider. You may notice some changes or adjustments as we try to improve! We will watch participation numbers in the least favorite challenges and determine if it’s worth the effort of hosting them or not.

We also asked you for your input on what challenges were missing. You said: photo exchange, make a mini color challenge, P365 challenge, brag book exchange (like the Quick Page Exchange), posting challenge, journaling challenge, animal challenge, bingo, progressive scraps and a photography challenge.

Here’s what we’ve done so far: We’ve added the mini kit option to our color challenge. We also started a P365-like challenge called {My Life}. The {My Life} challenge includes journaling and photography so hopefully that helps those of you looking for those things. We will try to add more random challenges in like a BB exchange, Bingo and progressive scraps. I will also remind challenge hosts that not everyone has kids to scrap, and to be more animal-lover friendly!

Prizes: I was pleased to see that the majority of you play along in our challenges and speed scraps not for the prizes, but for the fun! We are not getting rid of Points to Scrap (although they have been modified slightly, and this will be reflected in February) or Participation Prizes for Speed Scraps!

Most of you didn’t know that we have chances to win free stuff in the forum! We offer RAKS (Random Acts of Kindness) and Blog to Win opportunities all the time. We will try to come up with a way to keep reminding you about these chances!

Problems: Once concern that was brought up a few times is the time-zone issue. Many of our oversea friends can’t participate in Speed Scraps because of the time difference. Those of you far away (and those who have suggestions) please let us know what time in Mountain Time would be a good time for you to Speed Scrap. We will try and work some more variety into our schedules!

Another frequent comment was the fact that our forum and gallery aren’t “linked” this is a change we are working towards – and are hoping within the next few months to make a huge upgrade!

Overall, the response was very positive! Just because the survey is over, doesn’t mean your feedback has to be! We hope you like the changes that are/will be taking place and we hope you will continue to provide your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog or pop into the forum and leave one in our suggestions area! Honestly, if you have a suggestion, someone else is probably thinking the same thing!


HeatherG said...

Global teaming

My team at work is very global (US, Europe, and Singapore). We alternate times so that many people can participate, and it is not always one group's convenient time. The most global friendly times for meeting with Europe tend to be from 7 am - 11 am US Central time and for meeting with Singapore we try to meet in the evening (8-10 pm Central US time). Hope that helps! so ... maybe try varying and see if people still pop in.

MandaK said...

Thanks Heather! Great advice on the Global Teaming times!