Tuesday, December 1, 2009

CTC - 24 days to go!

Today's Download is from Christie Dawn - while not a designer - she is a wonderful LO artist who has rounded out our countdown with an awesome QP!!

These ladies have put in tons of effort to get these freebies together for you - so make sure you LEAVE them some love so they will want to do it again next year!! :P

Go to CD's blog HERE to snag this awesome freebie!!


Photomama said...

Is this day 1?
cause it is listed as day 2 - so I don't want to miss anything.

Nicole said...

This is day #2, scroll down to find day #1. The downloads are posted the night before so DigiFree will pick it up for the next days downloaders. :)

TerriM said...

Sorry but I've looked on the Blog for day 1 and I can't find it either. Help!!

Deanna said...

Ladies - Day one has already been bumped to the next page - but to make this easier - I'm going to go through and add a CTC label to all the countdown posts!