Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Challenge A Day - The Winners!

So, I thought it would be fun to make an announcement here wrapping up the Challenge A Day we had this past month at Stuff to Scrap. Everyone had a blast, there were tons of awesome layouts submitted and lots of great challenges.

Here are some "stats" for those who care. We had 615 total challenges completed when you add up how many challenges each of the 85 participants did! We had 3 of the 85 complete all 30 days worth of challenges - loaner, rainamoon and hareraisers2!

We had a lot of great prizes along the way! The Grand Prize for this challenge is a gift certificate to get The Scrappy Kat's entire store! And today, here and now, I am going to announce the winners! (We have some runner up prizes too.) There is a little bit of a back story to this that I thought I'd share!

It was harder than it should have been to get to a Grand Prize winner! First, I decided we would have 10 total prizes for the Challenge A Day Challenges, some gift cards, some coupons and one of the 10 would be the grand prize winner.

So, I used Random.org's integer generator to generate 10 numbers between 2 and 616 - this excluded the column header and went through the total number of layouts submitted.

I got these 10 names: loaner, amberlhulsey, noelle, rainamoon, The Scrappy Kat, mandak, glenda, mummyto3, scrappingirl and pabby.

Right away, I decided to pull myself out of the running, so I asked for another number and got: hripp

Next, I placed these names in the order they were "called" replacing myself with the new name to draw for the prize winner, and who do you think got chosen....The Scrappy Kat! Well, sorry Kat, but I didn't think winning your own store would do you much good so I drew again.....The Scrappy Kat. Man, apparently fate wants you to have all your own products Kat! So I drew again, and this time I got our lucky winner! (Drumroll please....) RAINAMOON!

Congrats Rainamoon! You will be recieving a coupon for The Scrappy Kat's entire store! What an awesome prize!

The other 9 people will also be receiving gifts in their PM inbox :) Some will be discount coupons, others gift certificates. I will use random.org to determine who gets what. I will have all prizes sent out by this weekend. :)

Congrats again to all of you! And thanks to all who played along!


Ginger said...

That is so funny! I wish I could have seen your face when Kat's name kept coming up! LOL!

Colleen said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG I'm so excited! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

MandaK said...

It was probably a face of laughter the first time, then frustration! It shouldn't be that hard! LOL

krcurten said...

LOL, that is so funny!!! I never win anything, so this is fates way of pulling a cruel joke on me. LOL

Hazel said...

yay thank you! (mummyto3)