Thursday, September 17, 2009

Printing Your Scrapbook Pages

Hi Everyone! It's me Amanda from Manda's Scrappin' Creations.

When I first starting digiscrap the one thing that kept holding me back was the printing...How, how much, can someone print for me and what quality would I get? I did this "how to" a while back in the STS forum but just in case you missed it or new to digiscrapping I think this will help out.

When you are ready to make a scrapbook page you must ask yourself these questions...

What size would like your page to be and will my printer or store print that size?

Do you want to print your pages yourself or have someone do them for you?

Do you want to make a book or do you want to print your pages into single sheets?

Sizes: You can print your pages any size you want but the most popular are 4x6, 5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 8x11.5 and 12x12 because you can find albums in these sizes much easier than other.

Printing at home: If you decide to print yourself and would like to print 12x12 you will need a wide format printer. Wide format printers can be a little pricey but if you only trust yourself to your pages and want them right when you finish them then this is the best way to go. Also, remember ink can get expensive when printing especially scrapbook pages because of all the color used but printers now are making it easier with single cartridges so that if you use one color more than another you can go buy just that color instead of having to replace the whole cartridges which can save you money. The smaller sizes I talked about before (ex: 8x8) are easy to print on regular photo printers. Here are the printers I would choose if I was to print a 12x12 at home.

Epson Stylus Photo R1900

HP Photosmart B8550

Canon Pixma Pro9000 Mark ll

Printing in book format: One great reason to print in book format is that you have all your pages organized with a professional look. Here are some websites that offer book format services. They offer books in lots of sizes not just 12x12. These are sites I trust and fellow digiscrappers I have talked to have used and love. There are LOTS more out there this is just to help you get started. These are also the best priced stores that I have found.

Winkflash Offer 3 sizes of books

Scrapbook Please Offer 3 sizes of books

Viovio Offer 5 sizes of books

Printing by sheets: Reason I personally like pages to be printed into sheets is that I can reorganize them and add pages if I want to later down the road. I also like that I can store my regular photos next to my scrapbook pages. I go to my local hobby store and get 12x12 regular protective refills for my scrap pages and then I get the 12x12 protective sheets that hold twelve 4x6 photos. It saves room and money. Here are some websites that offer single sheets starting as low as $0.75 for a single sided sheet and $0.86 for a double sided.

Scrapbook Please: Offer 3 sizes starting at $0.89 with white border and $1.19 without border. If you need another size or smaller check out their card invitation section. I have used their card and invitation service for brag book pages and they look AMAZING. Prices for 5x7 brag book page are $0.47 a page. Only bad thing is that they don't offer a 4x6, just a 4x8, but maybe you could go a head and make a 4x6 print it onto their 4x8 and trim off the access. Shipping can be high buy more and save.

Scrapping Simply Is almost like ScrapbooksPlease. BUT Shipping is cheap! $5.00 flat rate shipping to the US and Canada. And pages start at $0.99 for a 8x8 page.

Viovio: Offer more sizes in photo books then they do in single sheets last time I checked. They only offer 12x12 but they are the cheapest I have found. $0.75 for a single side and $0.86 for a double. You also have to have a minimum order of 24 to purchase

Here are some more links to check out and see if they better fit you.
Scrapbooks to Share
*New Link* Check out
*New* Costco (Thanks Tara!) I have heard that if you want your prints done right to go to costco. Price per layout may be a little high but no shipping! :)

*A Little Reminder* Sign up for newsletters at the stores of your liking. These sites run GREAT deals and you don't want to miss out.

Need more help? We have a thead that has lots of our forum members talking about their experiences with printing their scrapbooks and scrap pages. Here is the link:

Also if you have any links please comment them in this post and I'll be more than happy to add them. The more the merrier! :)

Happy Scrapping!


BriannasScrapper said...

what great info - thanks!!

knittinjen said...

These are great, I am going to check out the books and compare to the place I use now, Blurb ( which is VERY awesome as far as printing books, but if the other places are less expensive, I may have to try them out...I have a VERY IMPORTANT book to print this October - my daughter is turning 10 and I have been madly scrapping her first 10 years for the last 6'll be about 300 pages all together, so I need a good price! Thanks for all this info in one place!

knittinjen said...

Hmmm, just checked out the other photo books - you should really put into this if you run it in the future They are probably more expensive, but they have a MUCH HIGHER QUALITY product, for when you are doing something SUPER SPECIAL (not every-day scrapbooking but putting together something like I am for Amaria). They have numerous sizes, various qualities of paper, and can print much thicker books. And they continually upgrade their service and offerings, too. I am not in any way affiliated with them, just wanted to mention that, I just LOOOVE their product!

They also have lower-priced options like a little 7x7 square, soft-cover book that I made for my granddaughter's 1st 3 months - picture quality left a bit to be desired, but I've been told (by Blurb so take it with a grain of salt) that has been improved. But it only cost something like $20 including the shipping and it had photos on the outside and I got to create the spine and everything - it was really neat!

Manda said...

Thanks knittinjen I have added it. With new link next to the link. Thanks for the new place to check out others could use more to check out. I know I could :)

If anyone has anymore let us know and we can add them :)

Tara said...

I know you can print your pages at Costco also. I think it's more expensive than what you have listed on other sites--but you'd pay no shipping.

Shutterfly also has an option to upload your 12x12 pages into a book. It's really nice.

Manda said...

Thanks Tara I'll Add Costco too. I have heard their prints are beautiful!