Thursday, July 30, 2009

Using Photo Masks in PSP

Here's a little tutorial on using photo masks in PSP. Please bear with me, as I'm not the best with giving instructions. :) I am using PSP X2, but this tutorial should work with other versions. There are a few different ways to use photo masks, but this is always the way that I use them.

-Open your mask in PSP
-From the top tool bar choose Layers> New mask layer> from image..> tick the circle for 'source opacity'

This is what your layer palette should look like-
-Click on Raster 1. Using your magic wand with the Match mode set to 'All Opaque' click on your mask.
-Open the photo (or paper) that you want to use. Copy (CTRL C) the photo and paste it into your selection (CTRL+Shift+L). (CTRL D to select none)
-In your layers palette, click on the minus sign (-) next to your layer named Group-Raster 1.
-Your layers are now merged and you can save your photo (PNG file to keep it transparent) or copy it onto your layout.
I hope this tutorial was helpful. Thanks for reading! ~~Andrea


Michelle Simone said...

Very helpful! Thank you. I've been using photo masks in a different way with several more steps. This is easier. :)

Rose said...

This seems more complicated than what I do...I simply open the clipping mask, drag my picture onto the clipping mask, making sure my photo layer is above the mask layer. With the photo layer highlighted, I right click and select "create clipping mask". Done. I can then either merge them or link them to drag around and place where I want or resize. I use CS4.

Tricia said...

Thank you for the instructions. I think that Rose (in the post before mine) missed the entire point, which is that this is using Paint Shop Pro, not PhotoShop (which costs an arm and a leg more than PSP).