Monday, December 19, 2011

Countdown to Christmas ~ Day 20

I'm in complete baking mode right now, gotta get cookies made & in the freezer so all I have to do is take 'em out & decorate them. Let's take a break & see what Paula of CutieFruity has for us today, a wonderful holiday memory.

"During Christmas, most families have traditions of setting up a tree, lights, having a big dinner, etc. My family growing up is a little strange in that we just don't get into the holidays that much, add to that the fact that we were pretty poor, and we made do in some interesting ways. Any Christmas cheer was usually brought by my sister and I. One year we had to make a tree from cardboard because we never got around to getting a tree. Some years my dad would go out on Christmas Eve and pull a tree out of the dumpster, or get the last one for free from the tree lot. One year he cut a huge piece of sagebrush down from the desert and brought it home. I don't recommend that, by the way, we had moths that ate our clothes for a year. They came into our warm house and thought that hibernation time was over. This all sounds awful now, but at the time, it was what we had, and that was okay.

Something my mom would always do that I've carried on in my own family is making most of the gifts. I don't remember ever getting that hot new toy (except a Cabbage Patch doll in '84), electronic gizmo, or bicycle. We always got clothes and toys sewn by mom. My sister and I got matching dresses, and the best part, our dolls would, too! Sometimes it was the aforementioned Cabbage Patch that would match, or it would be a new outfit for our Barbies. We LOVED having matching outfits for our dolls and I really wish I had the picture of us in our froofy taffeta dresses, awesome ponytails and headbands, and matching Barbies. I'm sure you'd all get a good laugh out of that. The other tradition is that my Dad always got Old Spice aftershave. It got harder ever year to keep him from knowing which gift it was, but he was always able to guess.

I hope you all have the best of Christmases this year. Get creative (that isn't that hard for all the awesome people who will read this, I know how creative you are!). Things are difficult for many families this year, but I know that we can use our talents to our advantage. I'm off to sew all my children some pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve, and some matching dresses and Barbie clothes for my daughters. In the meantime, you can pick up an alpha set from me, 85 pngs: uppers, lowers, symbols, and contact sheets. I like how these turned out, like glistening snow! Enjoy!"

I think Paula's family had it just right, it's not about what you get or how much you get but the wonderful memories that come from being together as a family. It sounds like Paula's family had plenty of love to go around, thanks so much for sharing! Today you get a alpha freebie to go along with all the other parts of the countdown; click on the preview to go to the store & enjoy. Remember to keep wishing for snow on Christmas!

** This freebie has expired but you can still pick it up in the store for just $1.49**


benelol said...

Thank you very much :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for sharing your Christmas memories and for this beautiful alphabet!!

knittinjen said...

Paula, this is an inspiring story to me, because Amaria and I no longer have a tree or much in the way of decorations - we have all that at my mom's house, which is where we go for Christmas anyway, but yesterday, she found the few Christmas ornaments and decorations we have and put them out around the house while I was still at work - she was so proud of herself and it really cheered up our house! Your story reminds me of us a little - and that I knit matching sweaters for her and her dolls until she outgrew the dolls. :) Now I'm doing that for my granddaughter! Thanks for sharing your Christmas story and your GORGEOUS alpha!

Monkey Toes Too said...

Thank you!

Laura said...

Thanks for sharing your Christmas memories with us. I love the alpha too.